this is what happens when you take pictures in the wind

admittedly, i’m not the greatest photographer.  even more so, i am terrible at taking photos on windy days.  but i have this cute little outfit just waiting to be listed so i tried my best to capture a picture between gusts.  it didn’t go so well.


introducing, Gumdrop

People have asked me where the name of my shop came from. Why Gumdrop? Well, folks, this is Gumdrop, the giraffe. I’ve adored giraffes for as long as I can remember. They are such magnificent animals; so beautiful, so graceful, so unique. I’ve always loved sketching giraffes and now one of my doodles has come to life on clothing, ready to be worn by your little love.

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gimme an A, gimme an O, gimme whatever letter you want!

i love monograms.  i love fabric.  i love babies.  put them all together and you have the perfect gift for a new sweet babe in your life.

Parents often spend months trying to pick the perfect name for their little one and absolutely love to show off their new baby’s name once he or she arrives. Celebrate your little bundle of joy with a onesie that honors their fine baby-naming skills.

each shirt is made-to-order, designed and stitched with love and care.  fully customizable from the font to the fabric, these sweet shirts are sure to delight.

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