this is what happens when you take pictures in the wind

admittedly, i’m not the greatest photographer.  even more so, i am terrible at taking photos on windy days.  but i have this cute little outfit just waiting to be listed so i tried my best to capture a picture between gusts.  it didn’t go so well.


Spring is springing

finally!  the weather is warm today; i had to swap my kids’ knitted winter caps for sun hats this morning when we played outside.  even though i know we’re due for more snow this month and next, i’m dreaming of springtime weather, readying myself – and my kids – for warm, sunny days.  so, naturally, i’m stitching up sweet bonnets and all-purpose bucket hats…both are reversible, of course, allowing me to get crafty with twice as much fun fabric.


i got some great feedback regarding the fit of the bonnets i already have listed in my shop, and with that info i was able to rework my pattern for a new, improved fit.  the back panel now offers more coverage with extended length down toward the neck.  the brim can be worn flat to block the sun from your sweet baby’s face, or folded back (to reveal the contrasting fabric) so you can see her smooshable cheeks when the sun’s rays are less intense.  the chin strap has three snaps to allow for fully adjustable size.

i’m excited to add reversible bucket hats to my shop.  my son is fair-skinned, red-haired, and freckled….in other words, he doesn’t go outside without sun protection so i need an arsenal of hats and back-up hats at the ready so i can always find one quickly when he wants to play in the sun.  i love that i can sew one-of-a-kind hats just for him.  i’ll be offering these in four different sizes and a variety of fun fabrics.  i’m even working on making some in waterproof fabric so they can be worn in the splash pool and play fountain that my kids love so much.

i’m getting a bunch made up so i’ll have inventory on hand, but i am always open for custom orders too if you don’t see a size/fabric combination that you want.  visit my etsy shop here for more info.  until then, let’s all keep wishing for more warm, sunny days.  deal?

sweet knit cardigan

i just love making cardigans and sweaters for babies; they knit up so quickly and they look adorable on wee ones. it absolutely makes my heart sing to see a sweater i created being worn by a much-loved new arrival.

i just finished this cardigan today. i love the contrast of the hot pink buttons and flower against the turquoise cotton knit.

bright colors? flowers? clearly i have springtime on the brain, but since it’s still winter (::groan::) and we still have snow on the ground here in colorado (::double groan::) i guess i have time to knit more gloves, hats, and scarves. there are still some awesome fingerless mittens available in my shop…you know, if it’s still winter where you are too.

introducing, Gumdrop

People have asked me where the name of my shop came from. Why Gumdrop? Well, folks, this is Gumdrop, the giraffe. I’ve adored giraffes for as long as I can remember. They are such magnificent animals; so beautiful, so graceful, so unique. I’ve always loved sketching giraffes and now one of my doodles has come to life on clothing, ready to be worn by your little love.

visit my etsy shop here for more pictures and info.

gimme an A, gimme an O, gimme whatever letter you want!

i love monograms.  i love fabric.  i love babies.  put them all together and you have the perfect gift for a new sweet babe in your life.

Parents often spend months trying to pick the perfect name for their little one and absolutely love to show off their new baby’s name once he or she arrives. Celebrate your little bundle of joy with a onesie that honors their fine baby-naming skills.

each shirt is made-to-order, designed and stitched with love and care.  fully customizable from the font to the fabric, these sweet shirts are sure to delight.

visit my etsy shop here for more info and pictures and shopping opportunities!

bonkers for bonnets

i am a self-professed sunblock-slathering mama.  my youngest has red hair, pale skin, and freckles;  i’m no expert in dermatology, but those characteristics add up to the perfect storm for sunburn so i am always looking for the best way to boost the SPF.  in addition to the sunblock sprays, creams, and lotions, i always insist that my kids wear wide-brimmed hats to block the rays.  these sweet reversible bonnets have a brim that blocks the sun when extended and can be folded back when the rays are less intense.  they are the perfect mix of fashion and function.

visit my etsy shop for more info and pictures.

all about aprons


does your little girl like to help in the kitchen?  if she’s anything like my daughter, i bet she makes more messes than masterpieces.  a sweet apron is just what she needs to keep her clothes clean and allow her to feel like a real chef.

they are also great to wear during messy art projects.  i have a few aprons in more boyish colors and styles ready to be posted; i just need to snap some pictures once our weather cooperates with me.

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