pretty fabrics make pretty things

i admit, i’m a fabric hoarder.  i just can’t help it.  the upside of my addiction is that my ever-growing stash just keeps getting prettier and i just want to sew, sew, sew to create new things.  the downside….well, other than the storage issue, there really isn’t a downside to having too much fabric.  

i finally have a couple albums posted on facebook to showcase all my fabric choices that i have in stock right now.  it’s safe to say that more awesome prints are constantly being added.  check them out here:



please note that it is possible to use the interior fabrics as exterior fabrics with an extra layer of interfacing, but please note that they aren’t as durable as the cotton twill fabrics i typically use for exteriors.  but, if you see something that floats your boat and you want it on the outside of your item, i can make that happen.  

and if you’re not following me on facebook, please do so!  i put up coupon codes, special offers, and announcements there, so don’t miss out!  


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