happy new year

I don’t make New Years resolutions but i do like the idea of setting goals so that i can live with purpose, direction, and intention.  most of the time my path tends to course in squiggly lines and curlicues (i’m easily distracted; i have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time) but i’m trying to set my sails in a mostly forward-moving, less aimless direction.  I’m setting goals to help build my etsy shop as well as grow my business in the local boutiques, craft fairs, and artisan community.  i’m making a commitment to shoot for success.  as my dear friend Mikita would say, i’m taking a big leap through the porthole and not looking back.  (side note: if you’re looking for an amazing graphic designer, Mikita at Kisabird Studios is your gal.  she can take the tiniest kernel of an idea and develop it into a fully comprehensive brand.  she also does beautiful birth announcements, wedding invitations, holiday cards and more.  she’s an amazing consultant and savvy business woman and one of my greatest supporters.)  so as we dive headlong into a new year, i’m feeling excited and driven.  i’m ready to rock!  2013 will be a year of focus and growth for me, what will 2013 bring for you?


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