Spring is springing

finally!  the weather is warm today; i had to swap my kids’ knitted winter caps for sun hats this morning when we played outside.  even though i know we’re due for more snow this month and next, i’m dreaming of springtime weather, readying myself – and my kids – for warm, sunny days.  so, naturally, i’m stitching up sweet bonnets and all-purpose bucket hats…both are reversible, of course, allowing me to get crafty with twice as much fun fabric.


i got some great feedback regarding the fit of the bonnets i already have listed in my shop, and with that info i was able to rework my pattern for a new, improved fit.  the back panel now offers more coverage with extended length down toward the neck.  the brim can be worn flat to block the sun from your sweet baby’s face, or folded back (to reveal the contrasting fabric) so you can see her smooshable cheeks when the sun’s rays are less intense.  the chin strap has three snaps to allow for fully adjustable size.

i’m excited to add reversible bucket hats to my shop.  my son is fair-skinned, red-haired, and freckled….in other words, he doesn’t go outside without sun protection so i need an arsenal of hats and back-up hats at the ready so i can always find one quickly when he wants to play in the sun.  i love that i can sew one-of-a-kind hats just for him.  i’ll be offering these in four different sizes and a variety of fun fabrics.  i’m even working on making some in waterproof fabric so they can be worn in the splash pool and play fountain that my kids love so much.

i’m getting a bunch made up so i’ll have inventory on hand, but i am always open for custom orders too if you don’t see a size/fabric combination that you want.  visit my etsy shop here for more info.  until then, let’s all keep wishing for more warm, sunny days.  deal?

One thought on “Spring is springing

  1. LOVE the boy hats! I’ll take two, please 🙂 Can you do some with straps that tie under the chin? Mine are anti hat and too pale to not fight it.

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